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Alpine Hall 138

Room Type: Classic Lecture
University Classroom Designation: Lecture
Capacity: 48
Department: Interdisciplinary
Last Updated: 2021-08-01

Have questions? Call (916)278-7337 option 1

For faculty hoping to maintaining focus and attention at the front of the room this traditional lecture styled classroom is perfect. Whether the instructor uses the display technology, the board at the front of the room or no visual aids, all eyes will be focused forward.
  • You can use one of two different laptop connections in the classroom to show your laptop or device on the in-room display. The room comes equipped with VGA and HDMI cables.
  • There is a school provided computer at the instructors station that is available for you to use. Simply sign in with your SacState ID and password and gain access to your U Drive and campus network and resources.

  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Laptop Connection
  • Mic System
  • Podium
  • Projector
  • Speakers
  • Touch Panel
  • Wireless Mic Handheld
  • Wireless Mic Lapel
  • Phone
  • Tablet Armchairs
  • Whiteboard (Front)
  • Windows
Laptop Connection Types:
  • VGA
  • HDMI

Remote Education

Remote education rooms are rooms that have camera and microphone inputs into a PC or available for a laptop for Zoom or other software based distribution. Many of our classrooms have a permenantly installed camera and faculty microphone that tie into the PC in the space. The in-room installed camera and microphones can not be tied into a laptop and the in-room PC must be used.

Starting Zoom in the Classroom

A video explaining the different ways to access your recurring Zoom meetings for your class.

Using your laptop or tablet

If you would like to use a laptop or tablet we recommend that you use the in-room PC as the primary Zoom computer and you sign into the Zoom meeting with your laptop or tablet. This will allow you share the screen of your laptop or tablet while still utilizing the installed in-room camera and microphone systems.

Tabletop Document Camera

This room comes equipped with a Wolfvision tabletop document camera. While this camera can be used by itself by selecting the Doc Cam input on the touch panel and projected to in-room students, this document camera can also be projected to your distance students through Zoom. These document cameras are connected to the in-room PC via a USB cable and can act as a webcam for Zoom. You simply change your video source to Wolfvision UVZ Visualizer from Zoom. Alternatively you can also share this document camera image like you would share your screen by using the advanced Share Screen option "Share 2nd Camera".

Steps to share a 2nd Camera in Zoom PDF

Ceiling Mounted Camera

This room is equipped with a ceiling mounted Pan Tilt Zoom camera. You can change the angle of the camera using the touch panel at the podium. There are three 3 primary presets that are applicable to all rooms with this style of camera.
  • The first preset will be the one that focuses on the Podium location.
  • The second preset will zoom out and shift slightly from the first preset to capture the podium and nearest whiteboard.
  • The third preset will zoom out greatly to cover as much of the front of the room as possible.
If there is a specific angle that you're looking for please contact Learning Space Services and we can set up an additional preset for you.

Please contact Space Management at or 916-278-6507 directly for all classroom reservation questions. You can also find information on the Space Management website at Link to Space Management's website