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Folsom Hall 2604

Room Type: Wireless Presentation
University Classroom Designation: Lecture
Capacity: 48
Department: Interdisciplinary
Last Updated: 2020-01-15

Have questions? Call (916)278-7337 option 1

This classroom has wireless display technology as well as its other features. The presenter can use any device to connect to the Sharelink in the room and can now freely move about the space projecting their display.
  • You can use one of two different laptop connections in the classroom to show your laptop or device on the in-room display. The room comes equipped with VGA and HDMI cables.
  • There is a school provided computer at the instructors station that is available for you to use. Simply sign in with your SacState ID and password and gain access to your U Drive and campus network and resources.
  • Sharelink provides the room with wireless presentation technology. You can use any laptop, tablet, or phone and share your screen to the in-room display. Connect using Apple Airplay or the Sharelink application. Wireless presentation technology allows you to walk around with your iPad, or be anywhere in the room with you laptop. Please see the instruction section below for details on how to connect to the Sharelink.

  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Laptop Connection
  • Mic System
  • ShareLink
  • Speakers
  • TV
  • Touch Panel
  • Web Cam
  • Wireless Mic Handheld
  • Wireless Mic Lapel
  • Carpet, No Windows, Tablet Armchairs, Whiteboard
Laptop Connection Types:
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • Wireless

Podium Touch Panel Instructions

Below are links to instructions for the podium touch panel in this classroom. Please note that the inputs listed in the instructions may not be accurate to the inputs in this room, the inputs for this room can be seen above among the features.

Instructional PDF

Sharelink Wireless Laptop Connection Instructions

Below are links to instructions for the Sharelink wireless laptop connection in this room.

Quick Start
Instructional PDF

Please contact Space Management at or 916-278-6507 directly for all classroom reservation questions. You can also find information on the Space Management website at Link to Space Management's website