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Alpine Hall 147

Room Type: Wireless Presentation
University Classroom Designation: Lecture
Capacity: 25
Department: Interdisciplinary
Last Updated: 2019-08-19

Have questions? Call (916)278-7337 option 1

This classroom has wireless display technology as well as its other features. The presenter can use any device to connect to the Sharelink in the room and can now freely move about the space projecting their display.
  • Sharelink provides the room with wireless presentation technology. You can use any laptop, tablet, or phone and share your screen to the in-room display. Connect using Apple Airplay or the Sharelink application. Wireless presentation technology allows you to walk around with your iPad, or be anywhere in the room with you laptop. Please see the instruction section below for details on how to connect to the Sharelink.

  • Computer
  • Laptop Connection
  • Overhead
  • Projector
  • ShareLink
  • Speakers
  • Web Cam
  • Phone
  • Tablet Armchairs
  • Whiteboard (Front)
  • Windows
Laptop Connection Types:
  • Wireless
  • HDMI

Remote Education

Remote education rooms are rooms that have camera and microphone inputs into a PC or available for a laptop for Zoom or other software based distribution. Many of our classrooms have a permenantly installed camera and faculty microphone that tie into the PC in the space. The in-room installed camera and microphones can not be tied into a laptop and the in-room PC must be used.

Starting Zoom in the Classroom

A video explaining the different ways to access your recurring Zoom meetings for your class.

Using your laptop or tablet

If you would like to use a laptop or tablet we recommend that you use the in-room PC as the primary Zoom computer and you sign into the Zoom meeting with your laptop or tablet. This will allow you share the screen of your laptop or tablet while still utilizing the installed in-room camera and microphone systems.

Sit/Stand PC Desk

This room has an Ergotron Sit/Stand PC desk. This desk comes equipped with a micro form factor PC, touch screen monitor, and two webcams. The PC operates like any other classroom PC and requires you to sign in with your Saclink account and password.

Ergotron Sit/Stand Desk Instructions

The webcam on the monitor should be considered the faculty facing webcam and is capable of streaming in 1080p. The second webcam is the student facing webcam and can only stream at 720p but it has a wide angle view to capture more the in-class participants. You can easily switch between the cameras using Zoom or you can display them both simultaneously using the "Share 2nd Camera" tool within Zoom. Both webcams have an integrated microphone system. We recommend that you use the Logitech c920 webcam as your primary microphone input for Zoom.

Steps to share a 2nd Camera in Zoom PDF

Sharelink Wireless Laptop Connection Instructions

Below are links to instructions for the Sharelink wireless laptop connection in this room.

Quick Start
Instructional PDF

Push Button Controller Instructions

Below is a link to instructions for the push button controller in this classroom. Please note that the inputs listed in the instructions may not be accurate to the inputs in this room.

Instructional PDF
Instructional Video

Please contact Space Management at or 916-278-6507 directly for all classroom reservation questions. You can also find information on the Space Management website at Link to Space Management's website